Leader of past . . .
                       Master of Future. . .

Mr. Jagdeep Chauhan-A Scientist by nature & profession, The Visionary who Invented the DSP Sine Wave Inverter Technology, established Energy Automation Products & Research Organisation, popularly known as EAPRO. His mission is to bring futuristic, ECO-friendly solar products to the people at affordable cost. Today, EAPRO is one of the most innovative organisations Globally in production of Solar Power Generating System(SPGS) Products.

How Solar Power Works?


EAPRO Solar Solutions For

700VA, 900VA, 1100VA, 1500VA, 2000VA

2750VA, 3750VA, 5KVA, 7.5KVA, 10KVA, 12KVA, 15KVA

2750VA, 3750VA, 5KVA, 7.5KVA, 10KVA, 15KVA

10 KVA, 15 KVA, 20 KVA, 25 KVA, 30KVA, 35KVA, 40KVA, 50KVA

5KVA, 7.5KVA, 10KVA, 12KVA, 15KVA

10 KVA, 15 KVA, 20 KVA, 25 KVA, 30KVA, 35KVA, 40KVA,50KVA

Area Of Diversification

Hybrid System

Management System

Home Automation &
Intelligent Survillance System

Customer Voice

– Innovative range of next generation solar products & best in class quality always fascinated me to sell EAPRO products amongst mass.

Mr. Sanjay Goela


In house research & Development center with 100% manufacturing capacity gives EAPRO an edge over others providing all kinds of customized products.

Shreyas Puri


It’s the passion of Mr. Jagdeep Chauhan towards Power electronics which developed the curiosity to start my second innings in Solar business.

Mr. S.S. Gussain