Management Profile - EAPRO Global Ltd

Management Profile

Mr. Jagdeep Chauhan

Founder & Managing Director

His Belief-“The Technology WINS the RACE

Mr. Chauhan is a Young and Energetic Electronic Graduate Engineer who invented the DSP Sine-Wave Inverter Technology in 2002 which made India become a WORLD LEADER in production of power backup inverters.

With over 25 years of experience (He own 9 patents) in Power Electronics development and business management, he is well utilizing his spiritual and intellectual energy to enhance the team’s motivational levels which runs the company effectively.

His mission is to bring futuristic, ECO- friendly Energy Automation products” “to the people at an affordable cost. Today, EAPRO is one of the most innovative organisations globally in production of Energy Automation Products & Solar Power Generating Systems.”

Mrs. Abhilasha Singh


Mrs. Abhilasha Singh is having Masters in Legislative Law (LLM). She strongly believes that people & process is the main constituent for maintaining product quality. Consistent effort in people building apart from implementing quality processes and management processes in each and every department.

With over 22 years’ of experience.