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Real Time Clock(RTC)

What is ON Grid Hybrid Solar Inverter?
On grid hybrid solar system is a solar power backup system with backup and grid-tie functionality. It is a MPPT technology based inverter that converts solar energy into electricity and stores power. It works during the day and night. It stores the energy in battery and provides the electricity when Power is not available. Excess generation of electricity from solar panel will be exported to utility grid.

How it Works?
In Presence of Sunlight , when Sunlight falls on Solar Panel then the silicon cells present in Solar Panel converts photovoltaic energy into DC Energy (Direct Current). Then this DC Energy is transferred to Inverter which primarily converts it into AC (Alternate Current) & sends it to Household/Commercial load via Junction Box for usages. The remaining energy is sent to Battery in the form of DC (Direct Current) for charging .After this the excess generation of electricity from Solar Panel would be sent to grid via meter. The best part of ON Grid Hybrid Solar Inverter is that you can also take back electricity from Grid during the time when Sun energy is low & power is required immediately.