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  • Solar Energy: Redesigning of Optimistic Future

    Solar Energy

    Four recently completed solar arrays at Riverton Community Housing co-op locations help the organization advance its mission to provide accessible, affordable student housing. All Energy Solar designed and installed the systems to provide clean energy onsite, just as school starts and students fill university housing again. The properties are owned by Riverton, but operated independently by co-ops, each with unique self-governing bodies, that place value on green and sustainable initiatives. Ultimately, financing partners Blue Flame Energy Finance and DSD Renewables presented a way to deploy solar without the need for up-front investment.

  • Smart inverter technology: A new step for power saving

    Smart Inverter

    A power supply is one of the crucial aspects of our day-to-day work. In this modern era, where our dependency increasing on electronic gadgets and appliances, power supply continues to be a problem in India.   With outages ranging from 2 to 4 hours in cities to 8 hours or more in small towns and villages. This makes day-to-day life more complex, necessitating the installation of power backups. Switching to Smart power back solution is the first step in environmental upgradation and commitment to power conservation.


  • Clean energy sources to generate power

    Clean Energy

    Earth Day was first observed in 1970 when 20 million took to the streets to protest against environmental degradation. The event was triggered by the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill, as well as other issues such as smog and polluted rivers. For the next 50 years, Earth Day has played an important role in environmental activism. The landmark Paris Agreement, which brings almost 200 countries together in setting a common target to reduce global greenhouse emissions, was signed on Earth Day 2016.