Specialized Manufacturing - EAPRO Global Ltd

Specialized Manufacturing

Manufacturing Capacity involves 5 different units

  • The Mother Plant of Inverter Manufacturing:

  • With a strength of more than 200 skilled manpower, we have a Inverter manufacturing facility of producing 50,000 power back up ,solar ,hybrid inverters per month ranging from 250 VA to 50 KVA.With 6 number of well equipped manufacturing lines following the processes like Fitting,Transformerfitting,Power Card fitment,Wiring,Display&Bazel fitting,connections followed by all the visual and quality inspections we produce world class Inverters with 5S maintained at all levels.

  • Cabinet designing and manufacturing:

  • Quality mechanical systems , a setup for manufacturing inhouse cabinet for all capacities of inverters and AC sabilizers, produces 1000 cabinets per with well equipped machinery setup of Shearing,PowrePress,CNCBending,Milling ,Lathe,SurfaceGrinder,Spot Welding and Powder Coating Machines. With a manpower strength of more than 20 technicians , QMS follows all standard processes to manufacture long life and best quality cabinets.

  • Transformer Division:

  • A team of 20 skilled manpower produces 1000 transformers per day following all the basic processes like Bobbin manufacturing,Primary& Secondary winding,CoreFilling,Testings,Oven process and final quality inspections to produce all capacities of transformers.Ourinhouse manufactured transformers matches best with our Inverters.

Printed Circuit
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Manufacturing:

  • In house Surface Mounting Machine and Skilled Manpower working with quality standards raises our production capacity of Power Cards to 3000 per day. With 8 skilled and trained technicians operating the Surface Mounting Machine produces 3000 cards per day following the processes like Solder pasting,CNC Programmed chip mounting followed by visual inspections to manufacture cent percent flawless product. Manual mounting of components followed by WSM Soldering machine and testing /tuning of power cards is done by trained manpower.

Solar Panel
  • Solar Panel Manufacturing

  • We are taking photovoltaic manufacturing as one of our core industries. We are engaged in production and sales of PV modules. As a complete solar solution provider, we have a complete range of PV modules ranging from 40W to 335W.With a skilled manpower of 15 technicians, we are in a capacity to produce 35MW/annum.