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Blood Donation Camp

On 17th of September 2015 a Blood Donation Camp was organized at EAPRO to contribute towards the society & to bring smiles to many faces by saving lives. Mr. Jagdeep Chauhan & Mrs. Abhilasha Chauhan made their gracious presence & voluntarily came up to donate blood.

Mrs. Abhilasha Chauhan said “It feels great to participate in the event. I being a rare group donor (O-) felt the urge to donate blood as it is required by many. We are happy to conduct such a drive & are quite surprised to see the response. She further added that with increase in population & development of advanced medical & surgical procedures, the need for blood is ever increasing. Only voluntary blood donors can help to maintain an adequate supply of blood to save the lives of those who are in need. Therefore, we wish to conduct many such events in future”. The efficient staff of Himalayan Hospital Dehradun helped us to conduct this event in our company. The camp was organized in a much disciplined manner taking immense care to meet the requirements of the donors after donating the blood.