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EAPRO Global Ltd. being the leading name as manufacturer of Solar & Power Backup products, also comprehends its responsibility towards social environment. EAPRO has its strong focus & keen towards different social concerns of Indian society and strong determination for contributing a substantial role in eradicating the same concerns. Our aim is mainly based on our objects that all the human being should have equal opportunities of receiving best medical facility, education, employment and also, sound awareness towards the environment accordingly. Our prospective for Corporate Social Responsibility is wide enough covering below major objects:

  • Health Awareness
  • Education
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Eco Friendly Environment

We consider that children of all segments of our normal society should have equal opportunities of attaining best medical facilities, education, and employment accordingly. And also, they should have sound awareness towards the environment. EAPRO has its full concentration on deprived and underprivileged children and youths. We are aimed at giving helping hands to needy children and youths. We want to offer as much as possible as best facilities for improving their standard of health, education, employment as these are the important aspects towards the nation development contribution.

Batteries donation by EAPRO Global Ltd. to Arya samaj mandir, Ramnagar, Roorkee.

Tiranga Rally ( HAR GHAR TIRANGA) by EAPRO Global Ltd

Tiranga yatra by EAPRO Global Ltd    Tiranga yatra by EAPRO Global Ltd    Tiranga yatra by EAPRO Global Ltd

Tiranga yatra by EAPRO Global Ltd        Tiranga yatra by EAPRO Global Ltd   Tiranga yatra by EAPRO Global Ltd

Tiranga yatra by EAPRO Global Ltd   Tiranga yatra by EAPRO Global Ltd     Tiranga yatra by EAPRO Global Ltd

Kawad Yatra 2022

EAPRO Global Ltd. has devoted its services to humanity, and devotion on the occasion of Kawad Yatra 2022.

EAPRO Kawad yatra sewa    EAPRO Kawad yatra        EAPRO Kawad yatra sewa      EAPRO Kawad yatra sewa       EAPRO Kawad yatra sewaEAPRO Kawad yatra sewa     EAPRO Kawad yatra sewa      EAPRO Kawad yatra sewa   EAPRO Kawad yatra

International Yoga Day 2022
EAPRO has celebrated “International Yoga Day 2022” with our EAPRO family.
Yoga teaches us to be in harmony, to become a means! Once you start practicing it you realize that now you will be in harmony, You will have to become one.
International Yoga Day 2022 EAPRO
World Environment Day 2022
EAPRO is celebrating World environment day 2022, with intention to save the environment and an initiative of trees plantation has been taken by our MD Mr. Jagdeep Chauhan by planting trees.
we improve air quality, soil erosion and increase habitat for wildlife.
world environment day 2022  EAPRO
Inauguration Program of Tree Plantation in Roorkee

EAPRO Global Ltd in association with #HRDA initiated the #program of 1000 Trees Plantation in Roorkee on the auspicious #occasion of 75th #Independence Day. Joint Magistrate Smt. Apoorva Pandey Ji inaugurated the program along with Mr. Jagdeep Chauhan, Mrs. Abhilasha Singh & Mr. Ajay Jain – Directors of EAPRO Global Ltd.

Empowering Women

Women Empowerment is a continuous process and effort that creates power in women to live a happy and respectable life in a society. EAPRO Global Limited always look forward towards Women Empowerment. Our mission of empowering women has been strengthened by the gracious visit of HER EXCELLENCY – SMT.BABY RANI MAURYA JI HONORABLE GOVERNOR OF UTTARAKHAND STATE at EAPRO Global Limited to interact and motivate the WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS AND PROFESSIONALS – a programme conducted by EAPRO Global Limited as a part of social cause of empowering women on 15th March,2021.

Smartphone Distribution to the students, 25th August 2020

Mr.Jagdeep Chauhan (MD), Mrs. Abhilasha Singh (Director) & Mr. Ajay Jain(ED) handing over the SMART PHONES to Sh. C. Ravishankar Ji (Honourable District Magistrate – HARIDWAR) for distribution to the students.

Smartphone Distribution to the students, 26th August 2020

Mrs. Abhilasha Singh (Director) & Mr. Ajay Jain(Executive Director) Attending a function at school in Jhajra-Dehradun in the auspicious presence of Honourable Governor of Uttarakhand Her Excellency Smt. Baby Rani Mourya Ji.

Eapro Global Limited distributed SAMSUNG Smartphones to the school children (for attending oiline classes) by graceful hands of Honourable Governor-Uttarakhand

Blood Donation Camp, 17th September 2015

On 17th of September 2015 a Blood Donation Camp was organized at EAPRO to contribute towards the society & to bring smiles to many faces by saving lives. Mr. Jagdeep Chauhan & Mrs. Abhilasha Chauhan made their gracious presence & voluntarily came up to donate blood.

Mrs. Abhilasha Chauhan said “It feels great to participate in the event. I being a rare group donor (O-) felt the urge to donate blood as it is required by many. We are happy to conduct such a drive & are quite surprised to see the response. She further added that with increase in population & development of advanced medical & surgical procedures, the need for blood is ever increasing. Only voluntary blood donors can help to maintain an adequate supply of blood to save the lives of those who are in need. Therefore, we wish to conduct many such events in future”. The efficient staff of Himalayan Hospital Dehradun helped us to conduct this event in our company. The camp was organized in a much disciplined manner taking immense care to meet the requirements of the donors after donating the blood.