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EAPRO Pure Sine wave LB-UPS series UPS is designed to generate 3-phase 4 wire output by incorporating world’s most advanced DSP based 20 KHz Pulse Width Modulation technology to drive IGBT/MOSFET for increased crest factor. This type of UPS is widely used in lift, elevators, escalators, security systems, Water Pumps, Fire pumps etc. Whenever the utility supply is available, the charger provides constant voltage and constant current to charge the battery bank.
It consists of Sine wave three-phase UPS/ Inverter, battery charger, and an electronic change over module. EAPRO Pure Sine wave LB-UPS series UPS take cares your commercial and industrial equipments for their extended service life, as it is designed to suppress the harmonic distortion.
Closed Loop Auto Sensing Software Control (ASSC) Smart Charging circuit charges the battery for the enhanced battery life. It has the exclusive capability to provide longer power backup due to faster charging. EAPRO sine wave LB-UPS are of world class in terms of Performance, Durability, Reliability & Efficiency.

  • Most preferable Power Back up source in big Houses, Industries, corporate offices and BPOs for three phase application.
  • Provide reliable power back for UFTS / Elevators installed in Multiplexes & Shopping malls.
  • All Motor based applications like AC, Fire Pumps, Water Pumps, Compressors, Water Coolers & Deep Refrigerators & other 3 Phase critical motorized equipments.
  • Petrol Pumps, Fuel Dispensers.
  • Emergency and Transportable Power Systems.
  • Gym Equipments /Health Equipments like Joggers etc.
  • Computer and office equipments as like Scanners, Printers, Fax Machines etc.

  • Why LB-UPS is better than DG Set ?


    DG Set

    Built-in protection like Overload, Short-Circuit, Over Voltage, Regulated Voltage & Frequency No such built-in protection as standard feature
    Noiseless operation. High acoustic noise - Noise Pollution
    Operational cost fixed during the battery life span Variable on account of fluctuating fuel cost
    No extra accessories panel, acoustic cover etc required. Additional cost for AMF Panel, acoustic cover etc.
    Ease of handling without any hazard/ spillage. Problems due to spillage/handling of diesel & consequent fire hazard etc.
    Built-in emergency landing facility. Emergency landing facility not available
    Automatic Control. Manual Control.
    Compact i.e. space required is less. Relatively larger area required for installation
    Low Capital Investment per KVA. High Capital Cost Per KVA
    Environment friendly. Nuisance of smoke - Air Pollution
    Battery utilizes power only when the load is applied. Diesel consumption irrespective of load
    No fuel storage license required. Fuel storage license required
    Low maintenance cost because of no mechanical movement. High cost of maintenance

    Why LB-UPS is better than other Inverters?


    Other Lift / Three Phase Inverters

    Compact & simple design, so easy to service Very bulky & complex design, difficult to service
    High End DSP based design, Fast control Low end Micro-Controller based design, so the control is poor/sluggish
    Automatic load sensing will stop in Door Open condition at the time of Low Battery Protection No Automatic load sensing
    Use SCR based Solid State Static Switches, highly responsive to change-over & almost zero failure Use Electro - Mechanical contactor for change-over responsive to change-over & almost zero failure which creates sparks, hence poor reliability & less life
    Key Features
  • Advanced DSP based technology using state of the art IGBT based 20 KHz PWM technology for absolute and stable sine wave output with increased crest factor.
  • Regulated output voltage and frequency for smooth and quite operation of AC motors and other inductive and capacitive loads unlike the irritating noise that comes from Modified Sine Wave Inverters.
  • Special TDR (Time Delay Relay), for compressor based applications like AC (Optional).
  • Capability of Surge Load up to 300%.
  • Extremely low Total Harmonic Distortion (<3%).
  • Dual Mode of working : Inverter and LB-UPS
  • Closed Loop Auto Sensing Software Control (ASSC) Smart Battery Charger Technology for longer battery life.
  • Dual selectable charging current option for Boost Charging and Trickle Charging.
  • Inverter to mains change over at zero crossing.
  • Electronic change over ensuring fast switching and better Reliability.
  • Soft Start.
  • Smart LCD Panel Display for Battery Voltage and Load Percentage.
  • Display of all protections like Over Temperature, Short Circuit, Battery Low/High Cut, Overload.
  • Intelligent overload sensing circuitry with auto reset facility.
  • Programmed Inbuilt cooling fan which operates as needed with thermal protection.
  • SNMP an easy to use powerful tool for Tele-net Monitoring & Controlling of the UPS System (Optional).
  • High Power new generation IGBT/ MOSFET capable to handle high in-rush/ surge current.
  • Very less operating cost in comparison with Online Backup System & DG sets.
  • Equipped with Bypass Switch to avoid the problems during system failure.
  • Easily moveable with Wheel Base.
  • Compatible with DG Sets.
  • Highest efficiency at lower cost.












    40KVA - 70KVA

    70KVA - 100KVA

    Nominal Battery Voltage

    72 VDC

    72 VDC, 96 VDC

    72 VDC, 96 VDC, 120 VDC

    120 VDC

    180 VDC, 360 VDC

    180 VDC, 240 VDC, 360 VDC

    180 VDC, 276 VDC, 360 VDC

    276 VDC, 360 VDC

    360 VDC

    360 VDC

    360 VDC

    360 VDC

    Input Volt.  {N-L}

    140V AC to 280 AC

    Input Volt.  {L-L}

    242V AC to 480 AC

    Max Charging Current

    10A±1 A

    Boost Charging Voltage

    14.4V +/-0.2V DC Per Battery (12V DC Each)

    Trickle Charging Voltage

    13.7V +/-0.2V DC Per Battery (12V DC Each)

    O/P Voltage (L-L)

    400V±2.5V AC

    Full Load O/P Current/ Phase

    5.8± 0.5A

    7.3± 0.5A

    8.7± 0.5A

    12± 0.5A

    14± 0.5A

    17± 0.5A

    21.5± 0.5A

    23.5± 0.5A

    29.5± 0.5A

    34.9± 0.5A



    Low Battery Indication

    10.5V + 0.2V DC Per Battery (12V DC Each)

    Change over time (For 3-ph inverters)

    <=40 milisec

    Change over time (lift app.)

    <=30 sec

    Output Wave Form

    Pure Sine Wave

    Output Power Factor


    O/P Voltage {N-L}

    230 ± 2.5 V AC

    Max. No load Batt. current

    0.9 ± 0.2 A


    50 Hz ± 1.0 Hz



    O/P Voltage {L-L}

    400 VAC ± 2.5 VAC

    Full Load O/P current / Phase

    Same as AC Mains mode

    Low Battery Indication

    10.5 ± 0.2V Per Battery {12V Each}


    Welcome Message, Capacity, Output Voltage, Output Frequency, Load Percentage,

    Input Voltage and Frequency, Battery Charging, Battery Voltage, All Protections


    Output Not Ok, Battery Voltage Low(4 Auto Retries), Over Load (6 Auto Retries)

    Input Voltage and Frequency, Battery Charging Voltage, All Protections

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