Director's Message
Managing Director Jagdeep Chauhan

Mr. Jagdeep Chauhan
Managing Director

“Wow will find himself a day” is my staunch belief. Twenty years ago I dreamt about a world class technology in which India shall become the leader and sustain. Finally my Invention of DSP Sine wave technology was accepted and patent awarded. Following the dream its my pleasure to take you on a journey through website EAPRO. Being an electronic engineer, my unshakeable faith in the use of technologies without jeopardizing the sanctity of nature has led me to establish an innovative research & development team at EAPRO, whose AIM is to become the leaders of Today & lead the Tomorrow to enlighten the path for others.

We are a young organization, count in years, but our personnel have years of experience with a proven track record in their individual expertise fields. They have been hand-picked by our selectors and always being innovative to use the latest technology to make life practically easy and ready for the next generation. We are passionate to improve the present products to give better service and always inspired to go in for researching new ones for a better tomorrow.

We learn from our failures very quickly and use them as stepping stones for a brighter and successful future. The world is moving along fossil fuels but we are already into harnessing the renewable sources of energy and innovating to use it profusely in our homes and at our back and call remotely. We welcome the dealers to come, we pledge to our customers the best of technological advance, reliable and highly durable products supported by an excellent service regime. All And this we will achieve while keeping “Mother Earth” cleaner and greener with a pure atmosphere so that our future generations may also enjoy the fruits of good technology.

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