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Parameter Setting of Inverter


          User/ dealer can set few critical parameters at the time of Installation that depends on the Grid
          power & Solar power availability and Power Storage AH conditions.

          Below steps are to be followed to set the critical parameters :

          a. Press Switch 1 & 4 till Display 1 will  display.

          b. Press Switch 4 for Next Parameter Display and Switch 1 for Previous Parameter Display.

          c. Press Switch 4 to save all Parameters

          d. Press again Switch 4 to come out from Settings.

          You can set the following parameters :-

                     Parameters                            Range                          Default Value

           Power Storage Boost Voltage                 13.8V to 15V                           14.4V
           per power storage

           Power Storage Low Cut                      10.5V to 11.8V                          10.6V
           Voltage per battery
           Solar low power storage low                10.7V to 13.5V                          11.5V
           cut voltage per power storage

           Max. Solar Charging Current                   5A to 50A                             40A

           Max. Grid Charging Current                    5A to 22A                             15A

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