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RTC Technology                                   Technology

          It’s Intelligent Hardware & Smart Solar Algorithm tracks the sun position for Maximum Utilization of
          Solar Power for Maximum Power Saving based on Time Zone and following Inverter/Solar
          Parameters like:
          •   Battery Voltage                                      •   Discharging AH

          •  Solar Current Capacity                                •  Total Solar Current
          •  Solar Coefficient (derived by present day)            •  Solar Capability

          Real Time Clock divides in 3 Times slots:

          1.   Saving Level 1 (SL-1)         2.   Saving Level 2 (SL-2)         3.   Saving Level 3 (SL-3)
          a.   Priority for Charging:        a.   Priority for Charging         a.   Priority for Charging
                                                 (From 6:30 AM-06:30PM):           (Charging is disable from grid
              (i) Solar only (Solar is full)
                                                 (i) Solar only (Solar is full)  default):
              (ii) Solar + Grid (if solar is less)
                                                 (ii) Solar + Grid (if solar is less)     (i) Solar only (Solar is  available)
              (iii) Grid (if solar not available)
                                                 (iii) Grid (if solar not available)     (ii) Grid (if solar not available if
          b.  Priority for Load:                                                      battery Voltage <SBLC (+11.5V),
                                             b.  From  6:30 PM-06:30 AM, Very  Less
              (i) Solar                                                               Charging will start with Mains 5A.
                                             Charging from grid                       As the battery Voltage reaches to
              (ii) Solar + Battery
                                             c.  (i) Solar                            SBLC + 1V (12.5V) Mains
              (iii) Grid                                                              Charging will Stop)
                                                 (ii) Solar + Battery
                                                                                b.  Priority for Load:
                                                 (iii) Grid
                                                                                   (i) Solar
                                                                                   (ii) Solar + Battery
                                                                                   (iii) Grid
                                                                                c.   Mains Cut function from 6:30 PM to
                                                                                    6:30 AM can be enabled.

          •  Press switch 2 & 4 together till the display shows - - : - - .
          •  To change the minutes use switches 3 & 4.

          •  To change the hours use switches 1 & 2.

          •  Release the switches, the time will get save automatically within 10sec.
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