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Why Inverter is Required ?

                                                     12 V DC Supply

                                                                                  AC Supply

          Square Wave Inverter

          Other Names of Square Wave Inverters:
          •     Digital inverter                    •    Stepped sine wave

          •     Modified sine wave                  •    Quasi sine wave etc.

          •     Trapezoidal waveform


          •      Majority of home appliances runs on AC sine wave form but in square wave inverter its goes in
                 square wave curve trend that creates noise, it is called Humming noise.
          •      Increase in electricity bill.

          •      Decrease efficiency of home appliances.
          •      Available in 400VA-2KVA only.

          Need arise for following types of Inverter:-

          •     Compatible with home appliances with no Humming noise.

          •     Saves electricity bill.
          •     It should provide safety to home appliances that increases their operating life.

          •     Should be available in all capacity/range.
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