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Digital Solar Inverter (700VA-1500VA)


          Key Features :
                 Compact and Cost Effective Design.

                 True Hybrid Digital Solar UPS.

                 Faster charging, Longer back-up.
                 Handle High surge Current.
                 Power pack in small size.

                 Smart graphical display alerts & full protection.

                                          RTC Solar PCU (850VA-3.5KVA)


                  3 Different Saving Level Zones Smart Solar          Provision to maintain the Battery gravity
                  Selection Multi Colour big LCD Display              charging at 90V (Low Mains)

                  User Selectable Critical Parameter Settings         Incorporating all the features of conventional
                                                                      Sine Wave Inverter
                  Remote Monitoring & Controlling through
                  Wi-Fi/LAN/GSM/GPRS/ Android App
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