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Solar Boost Inverter (700VA-2000VA)


          •      “A never before invention in the Inverter/UPS Market” the Solar Boost UPS is India’s first Pure
                 Sine Wave UPS that offers a combination of Automatic voltage stabilizer function.
          •      Capacity to run more power in case of emergency & high current charging on demand.

          Key Features :

          Unique Features that make the Solar Boost UPS better than others.

                  Features                             Advantages                         Boost        Other
                                                                                           UPS      Inverter/UPS

           Emergency Power         30% Extra Power in case of Emergency to run               Ö           X
           Boost                   appliances like electric iron, mixer, hair dryer & water

           Voltage Boost           Built in single step automatic voltage Stabilizer         Ö           X
                                   regulates the input Ac voltage up to 30%

           Charging Boost          Proper battery charging even at low mains (100V) for      Ö           X
                                   fast battery charging using ASSC technology

           Fuse burn protection at  Prevent frequent mains fuse blow in case of high         Ö           X
           overload                load

           Critical Parameter      Technician can set UPS parameter (Maximum                 Ö           X
           Setting                 charging current, Battery charging Boost Voltage
                                   level, battery Low cut voltage) as per their

                       v Also incorporating all the features of conventional Sine Wave Inverter
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