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Clean energy sources to generate power

Clean Energy

Earth Day was first observed in 1970 when 20 million took to the streets to protest against environmental degradation. The event was triggered by the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill, as well as other issues such as smog and polluted rivers.

For the next 50 years, Earth Day has played an important role in environmental activism. The landmark Paris Agreement, which brings almost 200 countries together in setting a common target to reduce global greenhouse emissions, was signed on Earth Day 2016.

Today it’s important to create awareness about environmental protection and switch from traditional energy sources to renewable energy sources to cut the carbon footprint and preserve the earth. So our future generation can live in a healthy and safe environment.

There are many clean energy sources to generate power; primary sources of renewable sources are Hydroelectric, Wind, Tidal, and solar energy. It’s interesting to know the share of renewable energy generation jumped to reach 28% in 2020, but still in India dependency highly on fossil fuels for Power Generation.

Change in perception and attitude towards climate change is the first step to save mother earth. Investing in renewable energy solutions like solar power – is a scalable, affordable, and distributed renewable energy technology that works anywhere and everywhere the sun shines.

Here in Eapro, we are dedicated to working on innovation and research to create Solar Inverter technology solutions for domestic to commercial consumers with the vision to provide world-class technology products with power & cost efficacy. Our every product is designed in a manner to contribute to environmental sustainability.

On this Earth day let’s take the pledge for the green India initiative, let’s protect our environment by a shift to green energy because your one small step will preserve mother earth for the future generation.