World Class R&D

Research and development (R&D) aims to create new technology or information that can improve the effectiveness of products or make the production of products more efficient. A well executed design and development cycle for an electronic product requires travel through many stages before arriving at a successful conclusion. Along with creating new products and adding features to old ones, investing in R&D connects various parts of a company's strategy and business plan, such as marketing and cost reduction. Some advantages of research and development are clear, such as the possibility for increased productivity or new product lines. The need to develop or improve products and production processes is met by the research and development (R&D) function. The most important research and development strategy issue concerns the relationship of R&D to corporate strategy.

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Specialized Manufacturing

We are the leading manufacturer of solar power generating system. We have 4 different plants in Roorkee, Uttarakhand to cater the customized manufacturing as per the customer’s wish list. A strong team of 500+ professionals helps out in producing 50,000+ inverters per month.

Every single piece is generated in house which gives us a freedom for customer to build products as per their aspirations and becomes a reason for our success.

Time and again we give our team updates and knowledge with regards to our in house Learning & Development Department which helps our Team to groom with the latest trends of the industry.

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Ensured Quality

With a strong vision & dedicated organization mission, we deliver the best in class quality product. We implement 5S & Quality Management System based on ISO – 9001 standards to maintain a professional standard of working. The organization is integrated with quality in all spheres of its activities to ensure that the quality of its products provide the customer with continued satisfaction.

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Complete System Design & Installation

Eapro Global Limited is turning into a platform where the consumer will get complete information related to solar energy and the user will get complete design of solar power system as per their requirement and installation will be done by the company's technical team. This will be the first step in this area and main purpose is to provide the complete information and education to customer of the solar power generation system. EAPRO firmly believes in providing best in class quality & efficiency in all its products so with respect of continuing providing the same we have a Team of Load Evaluators & SPGS installers who helps in getting the best class SPGS solution. Primarily we understand the requirement on the basis of effective load which one wants to run on Solar & then provide the exact range of Inverter, Battery & Solar Panel required according to that load design.

After Sales Service

Our team of well trained & equipped service experts with well organized customer care department is committed to provide service within 48 hours along with consumer beneficial Extended Warranty plans. We also provide Service Plans for ODM.

Our Service Commitments

  • Service within 48 hours.
  • Well define Customer Care Department
  • Best in Class Extended Warranty & Maintenance Plans.
  • Installation Service for HKVA Systems.
  • Well trained & equipped service team of Qualified Engineers across INDIA.

HR Policies

We at Eapro Global Limited have a vibrant, multi-cultural, dynamic and transparent professional culture. A process-driven system of appraisals along with continuous upgradation of knowledge through training is our core strength.
We believes in corporate success by cultivating an atmosphere of fun and productivity in the work place. We believe that the company's biggest differentiator is its creative employees and we aim to To be among India's Top 10 Organization in Best Employer Category.

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